Mike and Donna Woods

Dear Rob and Angie,

Thank you very much for building our custom combination bookcase/entertainment centre. We are extremely pleased with this beautiful addition to our home.

We were very impressed with your courteous and professional attitude in undertaking this priject. We appreciate that you took the time and effort to accommodate our time in your visits to the house for measurements, design drawings, and estimates, such that wer were not inconvenienced in any way. The work was done on time and with a great deal of care.

We were very pleased with the meticulous installation in a tricky area that has sloping floors and walls. Such are the joys of working in an older home. Your selection of hardware (higes, drawer slides, handles etc.) is much appreciated as all components fit properly and open easily.

We really love our new unit!

Thanks very much,
–Mike and Donna Woods

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