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Kitchen Renovation

Anro Custom Cabinetry Ltd. is a versatile company that can build to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Anro's long list of products starts with kitchens. We build everything from scratch so that it can be made to fit any space and design.

We will be happy to build a kitchen for your new house. This is something that needs to be finalized after the house has been framed, but before the drywall is put up, so that you can have the plumbing and electrical installed in the right places. You also need to have all appliances chosen and ordered at this time so kitchen design can be adjusted to accommodate for appliance size and position.

If it's time to update your existing home, we will build a new kitchen to replace the old. We will work with you and your contractor to accomplish a smooth renovation and to be sure that your cabinetry blends seamlessly into your new living space.

If you're happy with your existing kitchen, but just want a new look, we also offer refacing services. We will replace all of your cabinet doors, drawer fronts and finished ends, but leave the boxes in place for a cheaper alternative to a full renovation.

We can also build new cabinetry to expand an existing kitchen. If you need extra storage space or a larger work area, we can provide additional cabinets that will match what you already have. Have you bought a new fridge that won't fit into the old space? We can help.

Whether you want a stylish contemporary look, a timeless traditional look, or if you own a heritage home and need cabinetry to suit, we can do it.

Here at Anro we can adjust your plan to adapt to your lifestyle and needs. If you don't have a plan we can help design your dream kitchen. Our shop at 4-721 Pembroke St. is equipped with a small showroom that is packed full of all the new bells and whistles and displays a wide variety of door styles and hardware to aid you in choosing a style that suits you.