There are many different materials that counter tops are made of.

Wood counter tops are commonly used as decorative such as black walnut or mahogany are used for there richness and depth.

Maple and bamboo are used for cutting board tops for there durability.

Laminate tops are used for their full range of colors and cost savings.

Quartz tops are the maintenance free counters that are nonporous and can be made to follow any design.

Granite tops are solid granite and need to be sealed at least twice a year  and can be made to follow any design

Solid surface counter tops are a resin based counters that can be made to follow any design and they can appear to be seamless

The newest tops are Porcelain and have great qualities, durability, nonporous, and resistant to scratches.

There are more tops such as concrete and stainless steel used for more commercial uses but can also be used in the home.